Nadamat - Hum TV - Episode 3

Nadamat Episode 3
Watch Hum TV new drama Nadamat Episode 3 on Hum Tv. Nadamat is an awesome story of Sajid Hassan, Sanam Baloch and Sami Khan. Nadamat will be started very soon on Hum TV. Don't forget to watch Nadamat Hum Tv.

Directed by: Dilawar Malik
Written by: K Rehman
Produced by: Erfan Ghanchi, Ali Farhan
Cast: Sanam Baloch, Sami Khan, Zaalay Sarhadi, Sajid Hassan, Shakeel, Shahood Alvi
Watch Hum Tv Drama Nadamat Episode 3
Nadamat Episode 3 Part 1

Nadamat Episode 3 Part 2

Nadamat Episode 3 Part 3

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