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Ahmad Habib Ki Betiyan

The story of Ahmad Habib Ki Betiyan revolves around a businessman widower Sarfaraz and his three grown-up and highly educated daughters, Aiza, Ayesha and Sara. Liberally brought-up, the daughters are all of broad and liberal mind, but when they finally settle down, each has her own cross to bear. Ahmad Habib Ki Betiyan revolves around the decisions they take in life and the sufferings caused because of them.

Cast: Shabbir Jan, Farah Nadeem, Qaisar Naqvi, Nida, Khalid Anum, Sajal, Anum Fayyaz, Nomi Qamar, Tipu Sharif, Rehana Akhtar, Hashim Butt, Anita Camphar.

  • Ahmad Habib Ki Betiyan - Episode 40

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