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Geo TV Drama Serial Sharartain All Episodes

Sharartain! a unique serial revolves around the antics and mischievousness of the kids and their much older companions! set in a Care Home run by the dynamic Jiya played by Zhalay Sarhadi, which is for both children and old people. Sharartain puts light on serious social issues such as the homelessness of old people and the plight of orphans, all in a light-hearted and subtle way. Also starring the very popular Manzoor Qureshi and Mirza Shahi.

Zhalay Sarhadi, Ahmed Awan, Lubna Aslam, Mirza Shahi, Mehmood Jaffri, Riya Chughtai, Faraz Nawaz, Manzoor Qureshi, Rehmat Hashmi, Ghaffar Memon, Noureen shams

Child Stars: Irtiza, Sherry, Bilal, Ali, Zara, Yamna, Mani, Aaman, Balaj

Directed by: Yasir Nawaz
Written by: Mohsin Ali
Produced by: Fareed Nawaz Production

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