Mujhe Roothnay Na Dena - Hum TV - All Episodes

TV Channel: Hum TV
Cast: Robina Ashraf, Bibrak Shah, Komal Rizvi, Hina Khowaja, Aiman Tariq, Junaid Khan, Zeba Ali, Tariq Bukhari

Story Plot of Mujhe Roothnay Na Dena: Nafeesa has three young daughters – Sofia, Rabia and Huma. Sofia can't able to admit to her mother that her uncle has been sexually abusing her since her childhood. Rabia fell in love with Saqib, but Rabia’s mother Nafeesa doesn't like Saqib’s family. Despite her mother’s opposition Rabia elopes with Saqib, only to find that catastrophe awaits her, and she and her mother have to pay a heavy price for it. To find out what lies in store for the beleaguered family, watch Mujhay Roothnay Na Dena.

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